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Each week, rooms receive the current list of member ratings. Members are advised they will need 31 matches to be eligible for special NPL events.
Important details:
  • The win-loss totals for each player must be entered in the last column on the sign-up/results sheet. Use single-elimination format, and proof the win-loss total before mailing the form. Total wins must always be one less than the number of players, unless there were forfeits.
  • A forfeit or a bye is not scored as a win.
  • Buy-backs are treated as fresh entries. A player who buys back twice will be listed on three separate lines. For example, the same person might be listed on line 6 with a 1-1 record, again on line 17 with a 0-1 record, and again on line 31 with a 2-1 record.
  • Third-round byes: This "perk" illustrates the player's advantage of signing up early. If there are less than 32 players, there will be some third-round byes. If there are only twelve players, those who drew #1 through #4 will need only one win to advance to the final four, which means (in most cases) an extra five or ten dollars in prize money.
  • Do not fax tournament results.

Following the match handicaps provided on the Spot Sheet is extremely important. This system is designed to give every player a 50% chance of winning. It will only work if all tournament directors adhere to the handicaps. If you have any questions, please call me at 415/346-9140 or fax me at 415/346-9192, or e-mail me at Mornings between 9 and noon are best. The best of luck with your tournaments!

Send questions to Gene Miller.

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