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This system was developed by Bob Jewett and has been in weekly use since 1994. Bob's pool articles have been seen in numerous publications. NPL formulas were developed and thoroughly tested over a 3-year period while Bob was at UC Berkeley. Our studies have proven the system to be fair to all players. You will hear complaints, particularly from the higher-rated players, but do not vary from the handicaps as they are outlined on the spot sheet.How much does it cost? The room owner pays NOTHING. One dollar of each player's entry fee is the weekly fee paid to the NPL, i.e., if you have a 23-player tournament, you mail $23 to the NPL. Lifetime membership is $10, of which the local tournament director keeps half.
There are several advantages the NPL offers when compared to other systems:
  • No score sheets - no score keeping training.
  • An easy-to-understand formula adjusts ratings so players can see exactly how their rating changes. No mysterious formulas, no secret systems.
  • If a player wins, his or her rating goes up. If he or she loses, it goes down.
  • 50 from every tournament entry fee goes back to the players in prize money - the "Player's Piggy Bank."

Rating Adjustment System
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